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Hey! Look let’s get right to it... why did the sales group get started and what is it all about. This group has three main goals: 

1) Teach you to become an expert in sales

Becoming an expert in sales is much more than just landing new clients. It's about understanding what motivates and persuades people. It's about how to package your ideas and vision so others will join you to help achieve your goals. And it's about creating and building effective businesses that add value and make a profit.

Studies show that top leaders and business owners are excellent at sales. This doesn’t mean they are active “sales people” - but it does mean they know how to get people to form a team and take action. Without action, nothing happens, and businesses (and dreams) die quickly.

For people in this group, sales will also be a vital skill for 2 main reasons. We need to get clients to want to work with us and pay us well. And we also need to build systems for our clients that sell for them. They are hiring us to improve their business and we need to be able to deliver.

In short - finding new clients and delivering great work heavily relies on your sales skills.

Sales to me means persuasion, influence, value creation, vision, and growth. These areas (and more) are what we will be focused on in this group. If you want to improve your income and free up your time > sales is where you want to start.

2) Show you how to really run and grow a business - as a business owner (not a freelancer!)

The next area of focus for this group is about teaching you world-class business development skills. “World class” is from a book I love and it basically means being in the top 5%. We don’t want to be just experts in sales - we always want to create a business that can help us reach our goals. Excellent sales skills with a terrible business model will only get you in trouble faster!

With this group we will be focused on how to create a real business, move from working in the business to ON the business (as an owner), and then how to scale and operate that business so its independent of your time. That's just a fancy way of saying you can make good money without being glued to a keyboard.

It's tempting as a freelancer to always be working in your business. Replying to emails, finishing projects, looking for some good warm leads. I have been there and maxed that way out to all its potential. It works short term but it's not a great long-term strategy. The problem with this approach is that when we stop working - the business stops making money.

We are linking our time to our income and no matter how good that income gets we always have to be working. And the better we get the more hours people want us to work!

Everyone starts at this stage (and it is valuable to go through it) but we need to go further to really succeed. This group is about finding a better way. If you are tired of having to always be working this group will show you a different way.
3) How to be a better all around person

If you chase money directly it's very hard to catch. The better way is to focus on becoming valuable and drawing people towards you. This isn’t some quick trick - it's about becoming a better person (and business) at a core level and steeping way above the competition. We don’t want to be competing “in the pack”, we want to be out front doing our own thing and leading the way.

Alongside sales skills, growing a business, and making profit, this group is going to develop real leadership skills you can use for life. Things like dedication, focus, influence, effective habits, discipline and so on. If you are the sort of person who loves to always be improving then you should feel right at home!

- Rob


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