Learn to sell $5,000 to $20,000+ websites every single month and grow a real web business without playing freelance games.


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What You'll Get: 

  • Community. Use the private FB group to request insight on any topics you need help with. Progress alongside 330+ other dedicated web designers. Get personal feedback, support, and insight from people who are motivated to succeed. 
  • Private Forum. A private forum to keep yourself accountable and get input and feedback form others. Included dedicated sales and tech support sections.

  • Video Learning Resources. Learn quickly through weekly content on sales, prospecting, client communication skills, and business growth skills. Each video is dedicated to a particular topic and moves you closer to your goals.

  • Student Deals and Discounts. 60-70% off Adobe (save $360+ a year), 10% off Beaver Builder, 20% off Content Snare, and more coming soon.

  • Personal Mentoring. When I first started, I paid a lot for coaching. There weren't any communities like this to join and get direct, dedicated feedback. Once you join, you can post up, tag me, and get my personal input on the topic you need help with.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to find and attract the best, high-paying clients who are easy to work with, and what to look for and how to reach out in a high-value way.
  • How to build a business people trust and are willing to work with. How to effectively pre-sell your services so clients feel confident in you before you even start to sell.
  • How to create a personal brand that frames you as an expert so clients are happy to let you call the shots on projects and are willing to pay you even more.
  • Learn real sales skills that work. Discover what makes the difference between struggling to sell $200 projects and confidently landing $20,000+ sales.
  • Learn real business skills. Cold calls, emails, copywriting, marketing, branding - all the not so little stuff that adds up in a big way. While the competition is only focused on design and coding, you’ll learn exactly what you need to sell.

What Do Our Members Say?

I wanted to learn how to sell my services and be able to charge the right amount without feeling like I have to compete with the budget peolpe out there. The group has really helped understand prospecting and sales, how to target the right people and how to position yourself in the right way to be able to ask for those higher numbers. The support and success stories from others is also very inspiring. If you are a web designer or developer or just starting out in the field and you want to start getting your own clients then this group is great!

- Brian Howlett; Manchester, UK

 Fox Pro Sales Members is a great community to talk about sales and business development for web design (and digital agency) businesses.  It's just nice to talk to people in motion and who ask sensible questions or have interesting stories to tell. I would recommend the group to people who want to improve their sales and grow their web design business.  It's super value for money if people participate, and you're super active and give very in depth responses.

- Andy Black; Ireland

My main reason for joining the group was to learn selling my services. The group has helped me in reaching out to customers and creating an effective sales process for my agency. Currently I am no longer afraid to cold call leads, and have been consistently generating more leads. If you join, the group will be very helpful towards generating sales that you need for your agency.

- Justin Cuizon; Cebu City, Philippines

 I have been a very introverted person and felt comfortable just doing coding and computer work. After joining the group, personally, the biggest result has been getting over my fear of talking to strangers over the phone. With an exact strategy in mind and the motivation the group has given me, I started to enjoy what I once feared. We did our first ever project about two months ago and have managed to build up a nice portfolio since then. Now we are trying to get our first big deal (3k+) and start to live off our new business.

- Anton Wieprecht; Heidelberg, Germany

99% of business communities (both online and offline) are more or less BS. The other 1% is gold. And this group is in the 1%. I've joined to learn solid sales skills, which most of the business people (not only freelancers/designers) don't have. I've improved in many areas, including my sales skills - asking right questions and processes; mindset - helping people, thinking about value, not about money; support - just knowing that I'm not alone in this.

- Hubert Jaworski; Wroclaw, Poland

I literally didn't know how to sell my services before joining. I've learned how to sell, that building a website is the easy part, but building a website that delivers is the important bit and adding value to someones business will make me stand out from the crowd. I've improved a lot when it comes to confidence when pitching. If you join, you'll receive life changing tips and advices and will be supported throughout the hard long way to successful web design business! You'll thank me later.

- Plamen Enchev; Worthing, UK

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