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Game changer for my web design business

"I think every web designer needs to read this. Web design is a competitive field and it's hard to stand out and differentiate yourself from other web designers. Rob's insights have changed the way I think about helping clients and communicating with them on a different level. Highly recommended!"

JOSH TING  |  Amazon Review
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Top lay photo of the book next to a phone and a cup of coffee

Most web designers are underpaid and overworked.

But you don’t have to be…

Inside this book, you’ll learn the key lessons that helped me go from barely earning $200 per website to building a six-figure web design business in less than a year.

These lessons include:

  • The #1 mistake that keeps web designers from ever getting profitable
  • A simple mindset shift that makes it easy to land your first few projects (even if you have zero experience)
  • The one thing you need to focus on if you want to start closing $10k+ deals on a regular basis
  • The keys skills that separate the top 1% of web designers from the other 99%

This book isn’t just about web design though—it shows you an overall smart approach to succeeding in any business.

So if you're ready for more wealth and freedom in your life, download your free copy today!

5-star rating

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5-star rating
Brilliant strategy to generate success

Rob’s book clearly outlines how to start your own web design business and take it to the next level. He also shows you exactly what type of mindset you need to develop to succeed. The best part of the book however is when he breaks down how after a certain point you may need to move into other areas of business/assets to scale even higher as being a successful freelancer ultimately leads to problems as you continue trading your time for money which is limited to 24 hours a day!
5-star rating
This book changes my perspective…massively!

If you’re a web designer and feel stuck in your business, this is the book for you. I like how Rob covers the business of being web designer. He explores the core fact that a pretty website isn’t what sells and our focus needs to be on the business and their needs. This is a great short read and I appreciate the direct approach in writing. This book isn’t filled with historic anecdotes or long winded extracts. I’m working on changing my approach towards new clients for the better. Thank you!
5-star rating
A different way of thinking

Love this book. As other reviews have mentioned, this won’t teach you anything about how to build or design a website. There are thousands of places you can get that information.

Much better, this is a book about how to think like a business owner (and eventually become one) and how to turn your web design skills into something highly profitable. This is a must-read if you’ve ever thought about lowering your prices to compete with other web designers or are struggling to gain traction on Upwork.

Told largely in the form of stories about two fictitious people, it is well-written, engaging and impactive. The author’s approach just makes so much sense and there is a ton of valuable information in here and actionable steps.
Keith Wallace
5-star rating
Read this before you become a freelancer

A great practical handbook to seeing the real side of web development and business in general.

What is the key take-away from all of this?

You can help yourself by helping other people with their problems.
5-star rating
Critical book for web designers

Rob's writing style and storytelling make this book a must-have not only for web designers, but anyone in a service-based business. Excellent resource for differentiating yourself as a business owner, justifying pricing (when that pricing is justifiable), and becoming the operator you want to be. No fluff and no promotion of nonsense "tactics," just tried and true business ownership tips for those looking to successfully build websites.
5-star rating
Short, Simple, Worth It

This is a little book that packs a massive punch. The author cuts through all the fluff you typically see in freelance/entrepreneur books and it is fantastic. This book isn't about teaching you the technical side of web design, there is no html/css code snippets. Instead you are given his firsthand knowledge and experience in developing the right mindset and building the core skills that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Buy it, read it, apply it.
ABOUT the author
Rob Anthony O’Rourke

ROB ANTHONY O’ROURKE is one of the world’s leading web design business coaches, an online entrepreneur, and founder of Fox Web School.

He has directly worked with thousands of students and helped dozens of thousands more through his YouTube channel and free resources. His YouTube channel alone has over 1 million views.

Through teaching and coaching thousands of web designers, and his own business experience, Rob has been able to uncover why some of these people succeed in business and life, while others get stuck or fail over and over. He is now on a mission to share these discoveries with as many aspiring entrepreneurs as he can, and help them to start on their entrepreneurial journey through web design.

Rob’s areas of expertise are teaching easy-to-master selling techniques, web design strategy and core business skills. As a web design consultant and coach he has worked with businesses at all levels from over 50 different countries.

You can connect with Rob through his YouTube channel, which is a gold mine of FREE business and web design advice.

Go to for more details.

5 star review
Great Mentor, Amazing Community!
“Rob is the best mentor I’ve ever had. I feel that he is very genuine to help his students to succeed."

ALFI R.  |  Trustpilot Reviewer
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